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re: fantastic mood changing episodes
MAn 3 awesome eps in one go, these are my favourite in Season 5 so far and yes yang 3 in 2d will be included but not yet
*We'd like to thank the Academy
*The Polarizing Express
*Dead Bear Walking 

FANTASTIC episodes and i'm so glad they came eventually cause i was sure psych wasn't its self and was going to stay different but i hope that now they're back on track with awesome that they'll keep it going for Season 6! they should start having alot of fun with the episodes again because then it's guarateed that audiences will like it, i always like the episodes that look like alot of fun to act in and makes it look like the actors have a ball whilst performing! waiting for season 6 will be hell though...................seriously hell!! because psych was just starting to get good again! and soon it'll be all over i guess 4/16 isn't bad...
but for now i'm still reeling from getting 3 great eps in one go, it made me feel fantastic!!!!

And the lassie was awesome, so much awesome lassie !!
I love lassie sooooooooooo much! i'm so glad he was back for at least a few episodes, everyone loves lassie pants!
and the shawn and lassie interaction was just the greatest i've seen in a long time!! i'm addicted to how cute they are whenever they're together! i need so much more!

wait for iiitt

link to psych moodtheme

shassie manip